Frenchie Friday!

Hi everyone - Happy Friday! A quick DIY wedding invitations have been getting a lot of buzz on Pinterest! In order to make it easier for people to view my DIY projects, I've created a new "DIY" category where you'll be able to find all of my DIY posts, including how-to's for the invitations. Also, once I get them mailed out (I'm telling you, it's never-ending), I'll post the entire invitation suite on the blog! I hope to sell my invitation designs on Etsy soon as well, so stay tuned... Reese and I have been joking lately that Franklin is going through his teenage angst years (he's like 15 in dog years, so it's totally legit). His new thing is instead of sleeping in our bed, he likes to sleep under the bed for about 15 minutes before whining and finally wanting to come up. I guess he just needs some alone time...I always know he's under there though because he always leaves his legs sticking out like so:securedownload-1He looks like a little turkey. Oh, and the other day, Reese caught him trying to sneak treats from the bag on top of his crate! Reese came down stairs and caught him in the act, and was able to grab this amazingly guilty-faced picture:sneakyAs you can see, he's quite a handful...but he certainly is entertaining!

Have a great weekend!

xo Court