My 50th Post!

Wow - I can't believe I'm already writing my 50th post! It's quite a milestone. A huge thank you to everyone for following/reading/stumbling upon my blog. I wouldn't have kept it up if no one was reading...but you are! So, thank you for being awesome! I actually reached another milestone this week - one of my posts went (semi) viral on Pinterest! As of right now, my DIY Wedding Invitations have been repinned over 100 times! This is exceptionally cool because I've been working my butt off on these invitations and they're getting some recognition! I promise once the invitations are sent out I will include a full DIY post featuring the design. Don't worry, they'll be sent out soon...because they are being printed AS I'M TYPING THIS!! Woo!!! It's the final piece of the puzzle, which means they are 95% finished and ready to be sent out. Once they are dropped in the mail I will be celebrating with a glass - nope, bottle - of chardonnay.

Anyway - Reese is in Las Vegas for the week for work and I, along with the rest of the East Coast, am snowed in...with Franklin. We're definitely going to be stir crazy by tomorrow. At least I have a new book - "The Interestings" by Meg Wolitzer. So far, so good. I'll report back once I'm finished. In the mean time, stay warm!!

xo Court