Frenchie Friday!

Hello! I'm super excited this morning because I'm picking up my best friend, Lauren at the airport in an hour! She lives in Dallas so we don't get to see each other that often, but she's coming in town for my bridal shower this weekend! I can't wait - I'm sure I'll have lots of pics for you next week. Now I know I'm not supposed to know that my shower is this weekend, but when you have someone coming from out of town who has to stay with you, you kind of have to know...but all I know is that it's on Sunday. I don't know where or any other details! I can't wait to wear this fab dress I got from Anthropologie. Paired with tights and some black booties? Perfection! Anyway, something interesting happened this week with Franklin. I actually caught him sitting like a normal dog! This NEVER happens. He always has one or both legs out like a little frog, or he does this side sit naturally, I was very excited. He looked so cute!frankEnjoy your weekend everyone - I know I will!

xo Court