Frenchie Friday!

Have you been outside yet today? It's not freezing, snowing, or raining...dare I say this may be the end of our big freeze this winter? Franklin's hopeful...he's sick of being stuck in the house (as am I). In order to keep his spirits up, I've been bribing him with bacon and Frosty Paws. Here he is, waiting patiently for a piece of bacon from my cobb salad today:securedownloadTomorrow I'm getting a facial at Rescue Spa in Philly - I've never had one before! Apparently this place works wonders on your face. With the wedding about a month and a half away, I'm doing all I can to have a glowing complexion for the big day. Hopefully I don't have some ridiculous reaction...knock on wood! Have a great weekend!

xo Court and Franklin