Recap: Our European Honeymoon!

Reese and I returned to the states yesterday from such a fabulous honeymoon! We ate some of the most amazing meals we've ever had, stayed at one of the coolest hotels I've ever seen and witnessed some of the most beautiful and iconic sights in each city. It may take a few posts to share all of the details, so let's start with Paris - Part 1! We used Airbnb for our stay in Paris - our host Maxime was great! He was very responsive and stocked the wine fridge with lots of rose...what more can you ask for?? The apartment was located on Boulevard Haussmann, right near the Champs Elysees in the Madeleine neighborhood. It was a great spot - we were within walking distance to so many great shops and spots, including the Eiffel Tower, but it was on a quieter street away from the hustle and bustle. That's ours on the third floor. securedownload-5We also had charming juliet balconies overlooking the street - so romantic! The view wasn't too shabby either... securedownload-6Our first day we were a little jet-lagged so we just wandered around our neighborhood. We accidentally discovered this amazing gourmet shop called Fauchon - I seriously wanted to eat everything in there!! From the cheese and charcuterie to the delectable desserts, it was incredible. We brought back cheese, jambon, fig spread and a baguette and had a nice little lunch with a great bottle of rose. securedownload-3Look at the colors on these desserts! We couldn't leave without buying a few macarons - so good. securedownload-4

That night we had a great dinner at Pomze, a restaurant right near our apartment. I'm still craving the strawberry gazpacho we had for dessert! Then we wondered over to a cocktail bar near by called Le Forum - it was one of the coolest cocktail bars I've ever been to! Reese ordered an old fashioned and it had actual Fruit Loops on top, and my champagne cocktail was served with spritz of rose essence from an old perfume bottle that the waiter sprayed table side. It was dark (hence the photo), mysterious and romantic - very Parisian. I also loved the menu design!securedownload-2I don't know how we found a second wind but we managed to bar hop after, stopping at the swanky Buddha Bar, which was very cool but crowded, and ending the night at Harry's New York Bar, a total dive where we partied with a few Brits and drank one too many Vodka Collins. We did manage to spot the Eiffel Tower at night before pouring ourselves into a cab - just breathtaking! The next day (after a bit of a late start, thanks to me), we made our way back over the Eiffel Tower with a pit stop at the Arc de Triomphe. It was under construction, but still pretty amazing!securedownloadSeeing the Eiffel Tower up close and in person was one of the highlights of the trip. It's truly magnificent! Is it even possible to take a bad photo of it?DSCN0216 DSCN0222 DSCN0225 DSCN0226 DSCN0229Eiffel tower selfies with my love. securedownload-7The view of the Seine River was spectacular as well!DSCN0235DSCN0231 DSCN0233On our walk back, we stopped at a local market to pick up some fruit and then found this amazing, quaint garden tucked away off of the sidewalk. We wandered in and ate our snack - it was so peaceful and one of my favorite moments of the trip. DSCN0236 DSCN0237 DSCN0238 DSCN0240 DSCN0242 DSCN0243

Tomorrow, I'll recap our visit to the Louvre and our day trip to Reims for our champagne tour! Stay tuned!

xo Courtney