Last-Minute Love Notes

In need of a last-minute Valentine's Day card? You're in luck! As a lover of greeting cards, I've rounded up a few of my favorite quirky and cute love notes that are perfect for the special someone in your life. Happy Valentine's Day! lovenotes


Tip: Did you know that you can find greeting cards in many of your favorite stores? Anthropologie, J. Crew and Urban Outfitters all carry adorable cards that look like they are straight out of a boutique. Also, their inventory is less likely to be picked over because they are not a traditional card store. Happy shopping!

1. Hello Valentine Letterpress, Sugar Paper 2. You're the Cat's Pajamas, Rifle Paper Co. 3. I Pine For You, Anthropologie 4. Radishing Letterpress, Papyrus 5. You're My Addiction, J. Crew  6. Look at my Phone Valentine Card, Paper Source

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First things first, the wedding invitations are IN THE MAIL! WOOO! I'll be posting the design and all other info on here next week. Did you know that the price of stamps went up this week? Just my luck...not only was it more expensive, but they didn't have any of the new stamps in with the new pricing, so all of the envelopes have some strange combination of ugly stamps. I was so eager to get them out that I didn't even just ignore the stamps :) Anyway, Valentine's Day is right around the corner! If you are going to send out Valentine's Day cards, now is the time to start. Below are a few of my favorite cards that your loved ones will absolutely adore!Valentine_MB1. You're the Cat's Pajamas Card from Rifle Paper Co., 2. Give Up My Phone Card from Paper Source, 3. Sending Love Card from Paper Source, 4. Beyond Measure Card from Minted, 5. Sushi with Love Card from Papyrus


DIY: Envelope Liners

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I've been a little under the weather. However, I'm making it up to you with a new DIY post! A decorative envelope liner is a quick and easy way to spruce up invitations or greeting cards. You can try different patterns, textures and colors of paper - just have fun with it! To start, you'll need envelopes, decorative paper of your choice (I chose the fun gold prints below from Paper Source), scissors, envelope liner templates, adhesive (I use this tape runner from Paper Source) and a pencil or pen.  securedownload

For this project, I am using the A7 envelope template, which fits a standard 5x7 card. Place your template at the corner of your paper (you'll get more liners per sheet this way). I usually trace my liners on the back side of the paper to avoid any lines on the front.

securedownload-1        securedownload-2

Once you've traced your template, carefully cut along the lines.

securedownload-4        securedownload-6

Once you have your liners cut out, apply your adhesive along the top "V" of the liner. You don't have to apply adhesive to the bottom of it because it will tuck into the envelope.

securedownload-7        securedownload-8

After you've applied the adhesive, tuck the liner into the envelope. Be careful not to let the adhesive stick to the envelope until you have it in place. Once the liner is completely tucked into the envelope, close the envelope and apply pressure to make sure the liner is firmly attached to the envelope.

securedownload-9        securedownload-11

And there you have it! You've just transformed a boring envelope into a decorative and festive extension of your invitation or greeting card.

 securedownload-12        securedownload-10

Continue the festive theme on the outside of the envelope by using washi tape or other decorative tape as your seal. Have fun with it! I trim the ends to make the tape a little more decorative. I love this gold dot washi tape from Paper Source - it's adorable!


Thanks for checking out this week's DIY project! Until next time...

xo Court