Typography Tuesday {10}

My gift to my readers is...another free download for desktop wallpaper! Woo! I'm a terrible procrastinator, so I'm hoping this little reminder helps me to just get stuff done, especially with all of my last minute wedding plans (Shh I'll get it done!). I'm also loving the pretty, calming colors. Click here to download!do_it_wallpaper

Typography Tuesday {9} - Free download!

I can't believe it's snowing again! I can't remember the last time we got this much snow in December. It's been a bit of a blessing though, because I've been sick as a dog since Sunday! I'm enjoying being forced in the house so I can be left by myself in my sea of tissues. Bleh. Anyway, I thought this week I would give you a free (festive) desktop wallpaper! Just click on the photo and save it to your desktop. This has been my motto the past few days - enjoy!


Typography Tuesday {5}

Greetings from Palo Alto! I'll be posting about my day in San Francisco a little later, but first, I wanted to share something a little different for today's Typography Tuesday. Below is a free download (woo for free stuff!) for a desktop wallpaper that I created. It's currently the background on my MacBook - I needed something to remind me to chill the heck out from time to time. I think this accomplishes that, but it's still fun! Click on the photo for the full size and then save it to your desktop.  Enjoy!type