My Travel Essentials

Well, I never intended for this to become a blog about travel, but it seems to be all I'm doing these days! No complaints here, of course. This month, Reese and I are heading to Nosara, Costa Rica with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and I cannot wait. Goodbye dreary winter, hello tropical paradise! I travel quite a bit, so I've learned over the years how to make my airport trips as smooth and painless as possible. With three trips planned over the next three months, I figured I would share a few of my carry-on essentials. travel_essentials1. I won't leave the house without my Kindle Paperwhite, let alone the country! Perfect for airplanes, beach trips, and lazy days by the pool. I'm currently taking suggestions for a juicy beach read. Share below if you have one!

2. I have this J. Crew travel wallet and I absolutely love it. It allows you to keep your passport, boarding passes, tickets, etc. all in one place.

3. A good, moisturizing lip balm is a must when flying. My current obsession is this Mojito Lip Balm from Malin + Goetz.

4. Before I board an airplane, I always buy a giant bottle of water and a KIND bar (my favorites are the low sugar ones, especially the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt). Hydration is key, and a KIND bar keeps me from snacking on less-than-healthy airplane food.

5. Flying can wreak havoc on my skin, so I always bring a sheet mask for a little moisture surge. These travel packs from WHEN are perfect to throw in your carry-on.

6. When I travel, I leave my larger purses at home and opt for a big tote bag as my "personal item." I've been using my nylon Marc Jacobs bag for years and its perfect—big enough to fit all of my necessities but small enough to fit under the seat.

7. My Bose Headphones might be my favorite splurge of all time. Not only are they comfortable enough for an 8 hour flight, but the drown EVERYTHING out. Crying baby one row behind me? All I have to do is slip on the headphones and I won't hear a thing. They also come in fun colors—I have the cute teal ones above!

What are some of your travel essentials?